Nakamuras are live tool machines. They can handle up to 14 tools with four of them being live tools. These machines are very fast and accurate. The live “C” axis allows us to machine parts very accurately and economically.

Ikegai TCR25Y

The TCR25Y is a very flexible 2˝” machine. In addition to a fully programmable “C” axis it also has a “Y” axis. This allows us to mill, drill, or tap in ways that other more traditional live tool machines just could not do. It is a significant addition to our ability to service our customers.

Mori Seiki

The Mori Seiki SL-2B is a 2˝” through hole chucker. It is a very ridged slant bed machine. It has a 10″ chuck and has a Z axis range of up to 12.5″ and an X axis range of 4.7 linear inches. The spindle generates very good finishes and holds excellent sizes.
We also have a Mori Seiki AL-2. This is a 1 5/8″ through hole chucker. It is also a slant bed machine. It has a 6″ chuck capacity and has a high speed spindle (6,000 RPM). Both of these machines are bar feed equipped.


Our Fadals range from a VMC 4020 to a newer VMC 4015. The 4020 travel is X=40, Y=20, Z=16. The VMC 4015 travel is X=15, Y=15, Z=20. They are all fitted with an “A” axis to allow 4th axis work.


We have 3 Hardinge chuckers. We use these machines to do accurate 2nd operations off the NC machines and also to do tooling and prototype.


There are 7 Knee-Type Bridgeport mills in our shop. These are used primarily for 2nd operations. One of their primary benefits is their flexibility in tooling and prototyping.

Gorton 3D Pan Mills

These machines give us a unique flexibility in our ability to manufacture parts. They can do different tasks from complex geometry’s to simple lettering, where you may not want to use the expense of a CNC machine.

Landis Cylindrical Grinder

This give us the ability to give our customers a technology that has dwindled in recent years. These machines have excellent spindles and give excellent finishes and cylindricity. This is a benefit that few machine shops can offer their customers.